The MIBLN offers outstanding programs, services, and activities through its resource center.  The information below will assist you in learning more about what you can receive through the MIBLN.
Employer Consultation & Technical Assistance:  To aid employers in their efforts to maximize productivity in their workforce through hiring, training, supporting, and advancing workers with disabilities. To aid employers in their efforts to reach and appeal to the market niche identified as consumers who have disabilities.
Training:  To advance employer and coworker knowledge and skill in the effective integration of workers with disabilities into the business organization. To advance the knowledge and skill of agencies and vendors (that exist to serve the employment needs of people with disabilities) to effectively and efficiently interface with employers on disability issues. To advance the knowledge and skill of people with disabilities have to effectively represent themselves as consumers in the marketplace and workers in the workplace.
Liaison/Networking Support:  To create, maintain, and develop linkages between employers, personís with disabilities and their representative organizations, agencies, and vendors and to encourage communication between them.
Employment Service Consultation:  To re-orient employment service providers such that their values, structures and efforts respond to employer satisfaction with their outcomes. To facilitate the Placement, Training, Advancement, and Support of workers (with disabilities) in new employment or return to work using innovative best practice models.
Research & Development:  To subject the structures and practices of the Business Leadership Network of Michigan to rigorous quality control for the purposes of continuous improvement of service delivery and employer/member satisfaction. To advance best practices in the placement and career advancement of people with disabilities through applied research. To disseminate research findings for the benefit of Business Leadership Network of Michigan members, Business Leadership Networks across the nation, and the related helping professions and academic programs.
Public Relations:  To raise public awareness of the efforts of the Business Leadership Network of Michigan and its members to (a) hire and advance workers with disabilities and (b) market themselves to consumers with disabilities.